British Colleges Netball, Hull

Created by Linda 3 years ago
I was at Barry College 1970-73. A member of the netball team. Wendy coached us. She was superb. We all loved her. We had to go to play in the finals of the British Colleges Netball Tournament in Hull. On the way the mini bus broke down. We waited forever for the bus to be mended and arrived late. We missed our first match, to the eventual winners, but won all our other games. We pleaded with Wendy to ask the officials if we could play our outstanding game but the team we should have played refused and we were runners up. We were so disappointed but felt the winners couldn't take any pride in winning as they knew we would have beaten them. We were by far the best team.
I still have my medal and have often thought what a lovely, kind lady Wendy was. She never made a fuss and told us to accept the result even though we all knew we were the best team.
A true netball legend.
Linda Galpin (Floyd) Barry College 1970-73.