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Wendy White –President of Welsh Netball 1940 – 2016
Originally from Barry, Wendy moved to Caldicot with herfamily at the age of fifteen.  Her fatherwas a railway man.  Wendy trained as a teacher of Physical Education at Barry College.  Wendy later became a Senior Lecturer in HumanMovement Studies at the University now known as Cardiff MetropolitanUniversity. 

Wendy has been at the heart of netball in Wales for overfive decades.  A former internationalplayer herself, Wendy had seven caps to her name.  Wing Defence was her chosen position on thecourt.  She had the honour of playing inthe first ever Netball World Championships, which were held in Eastbourne,England in 1963.

Wendy had many attributes both on and off the court, whichincluded being an international Umpire.  Shepublished two education books on umpiring. In 1992, she wrote ‘Netball Umpires in Control’ alongside ShirleyWinton.  In 1994, ‘Play by the Rules’ waspublished. 

In latter years, she was key in the development of Welsh Netball’s Bench Officials.  This was atight group of dedicated people who worked in unison under her guidance.  Their education and progress is a testimonyto her leadership.

As an international Coach, her credits include the WelshOpen (1968-1980), Wales U21 (1969-1971) and 1980-1987) and the Welsh Schools(1969-1971) teams.  Over many years, shewas a Welsh Selector at various age groups. Wendy was awarded the BANC/Dextrosol Welsh Coach of the Year in 1985, aswell as the BANC/Dextrosol UK Coach of the Year for Women’s Team Sports in1986.  Part of the prize for the 1986Coach of the Year award was a trip to Australia.  This visit was so enjoyable that in 1987 shedecided to move there to work.  Wendyworked for the All Australia Netball Association at first, then for the QueenslandNetball Association.  These experiencesinfluenced her in how she thought the game should be played and umpired.

On her return home in 1991, she became the first TechnicalDirector for Welsh Netball.  In thisrole, Wendy developed the first coaching and umpiring awards schemes for Wales,which led to the current education and training systems. 
Wendy’s contribution to Welsh Netball was invaluable.  As a volunteer, she held various rolesincluding, Vice-President, Hon Chairman, General Secretary, Umpiring Secretary,Coaching Secretary.  In 2000, Waleshosted the World Youth Championships in Cardiff, and she was an influentialmember of the Organising Committee. 

Her passion and vast knowledge and understanding of netballin Wales was remarkable, and she was often called upon by both past and currentstaff for counsel on various matters. Wendy was an avid record keeper, so she was the first port of call onany Welsh Netball history.  She loved herregular visits to the office to update the player and matches records so thatthey were up to date and in perfect order.

Outside of Wales, Wendy had been an Executive Committeemember of the International Federation of Netball Associations during 1997-99, andshe represented Wales at the Members Council in 1983 and at Congress in 2003,2009 & 2011. She was also involved with the Federation of EuropeanNetball Associations.  Interestingly, shewas also at one time a member of the Sports Council for Wales and Secretary ofthe Dance Council for Wales.

The netball community in Wales were lucky to have WendyWhite amongst them, playing a crucial role in promoting the sport inWales.  Her roles included Hon Secretaryfor the Glamorgan and South Wales Netball Associations and the Welsh Collegesof Sport Association.  Wendy was afounder member, Secretary and Coach of the Barrians Netball Club, and was Chairof the Dinas Netball Club and President of the Cardiff and District NetballAssociation. 

No doubt Wendy’s biggest honour was receiving her BEM in theNew Years Honours List in 2012.  Thehonour was awarded in recognition of her services to netball. 

Wendy White was certainly an inspiration not only to thoseof us within the netball community, but to women and girls across all sports inWales.  Wendy gave all her energy andtime into ensuring the sport thrived wherever she was. 

Welsh Netball is indebted to her for all her years of hardwork and commitment.  She was well awarethat Welsh Netball is moving forward with great positivity, and this brought asmile to her face during her last few weeks. 

Funeral Arrangements for Wendy B White

The service at Coychurch Crematorium will begin at 1.15pm on Thursday 25 August.

The family have kindly asked that no flowers are donated on the day of the funeral. However, donations can be made to Cancer Research - details of how to donate will follow shortly.  Welsh Netball will be contributing a special floral tribute on behalf of the Welsh Netball family.

Wendy loved having Afternoon Tea, therefore the family would like to invite you to join them for Afternoon Tea at the Coed y Mwster Hotel following the service.

Coed-Y-Mwster Hotel,
CF35 6AF.
25th August 2016 Coychurch Crematorium Coychurch Bridgend CF35 6AB Tel: 01656 656605


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